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What’s a minor?

A minor consists of a coordinated set of seven or more courses which together take a student well beyond the introductory level in an academic field, subject matter, and/or discipline but which are not sufficient to constitute a major. You can minor in any academic discipline except your major. Obtaining a minor (or minors) is optional.


Adding a Minor

Humanities Majors - Submit the DegreeWorks Update Request form to add a minor. Note that the Digital Filmmaking minor requires students to submit an application for the minor on the Claire Trevor School of Arts website (

Non-Humanities majors - Contact an academic counselor in the School of your major and request to add the minor to your DegreeWorks audit.

To officially receive a minor, you must complete all required courses, obtain a minimum overall grade point average of at least 2.0 in all courses required for the minor program, and make sure the minor is listed on your Application for Graduation. Note that officially certified minors are posted to academic transcripts, but are not noted on diplomas.


Overlapping Classes

You can overlap a maximum of 2 classes between your major and your minor.  You cannot overlap classes between two minors.


Pass/Not Pass

You can take a maximum of 2 classes for P/NP to count toward a minor.