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What’s a minor?

A minor is a set of 7 or more classes in an academic field which are designed to go beyond the introductory level but not enough to be considered a major.  You can minor in any academic discipline except your major.  Obtaining a minor (or minors) is optional.


Declaring a Minor

Most minors* do not need to be officially declared.  Notify your academic counselor (in the School of your major) to add the minor to your degree audit, and then complete the required courses for the minor.  To officially receive a minor, you must also list it on your Application for Graduation.

*Some minors at UCI have specific declaration procedures:
  1. Educational Studies: meet with a counselor in the Department of Education to file the “Intent to Pursue the Minor” form.
  2. Management: complete the prerequisites, then submit an application for the minor on the Merage School of Business website (http://merage.uci.edu/Classic/UndergraduatePrograms/Minors/MinorManagement.aspx).
  3. Accounting: complete the prerequisites, then submit an application for the minor on the Merage School of Business website (http://merage.uci.edu/Classic/UndergraduatePrograms/Minors/MinorAccounting.aspx).

Overlapping Classes

You can overlap a maximum of 2 classes between your major and your minor.  You cannot overlap classes between two minors.


Pass/Not Pass

You can take a maximum of 2 classes for P/NP to count toward a minor.