The Humanities Office of Undergraduate Study offers advising through email, scheduled appointments (in-person or via Zoom), drop-in appointments (in-person or via Zoom), and online chat. Please read through the information below to determine which form of advising best works for you.

The Humanities Undergraduate Office will be physically closed and available remotely on most Tuesdays during the Summer.  You can contact an Academic Advisor over email on those days.  Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Please only pursue one advising route at a time, so that we can efficiently and effectively answer all student inquiries in a timely manner.


Type of Advising

Best For...


Who You Meet With

Email Advising

general questions

Response within 24-48 business hours

Response from Academic Advisor

30-Minute Scheduled Appointment
(in-person or Zoom)

More complicated
issues or questions

By Request

Academic Advisor, can request specific advisor

Drop-In Appointments
(one-on-one in-person or Zoom)

Several questions,
quarterly schedule

Will resume in Fall 2022

Academic Advisor on duty

Online Chat

Quick, general questions

Will resume in Fall 2022

Peer Academic Advisor


If you have just a few straightforward questions for a counselor, email is a great way to get the information you need. You can expect a response from a counselor within 24-48 business hours.

Examples of questions that can be asked via email:

  • What do you think about this tentative course schedule?
  • Can you help me decide how many units I should take?
  • How many courses do I have remaining for my major?

To email a counselor, click here. Please be sure to include all relevant information in your email and state your question(s) as clearly and concisely as possible to allow for an accurate and thorough response.


SCHEDULED APPOINTMENTS (in-person or via Zoom)

ATTENTION NEWLY ADMITTED FALL 2022 STUDENTS: Academic advising for incoming students will be conducted this Summer 2022 throughout July and August. Please check the following pages for more information:
Freshpeople -
Transfers -

If you are not currently a Humanities major and want to change into or add a Humanities major please start with our Change of Major procedure and complete the verification form to be eligible for an appointment.

To request a scheduled appointment, please click here and choose “Humanities Office of Undergraduate Study” to view availability.

NOTE: If you are requesting in-person advising for your scheduled appointment, face coverings are strongly recommended.


DROP-IN APPOINTMENTS (in-person or via Zoom)

Will resume in Fall 2022





Will resume in Fall 2022