Featured Course

Malala, Nobel Prize Winner

Cultures of the Middle East

Anthro 169
MW 7-8:20p
HH 143

This course offers a survey of the diverse cultures of the contemporary Middle East through the lens of anthropology. Through issues such as urbanism, health, revolution, gender and the media students explore the ways in which the peoples of the region articulate their identities and challenge the, often negative, portrayals of their social practices.

International Divided Cities

Poli Sci 157B / Sociol 176 / PPD 178
TuTh 3:30-4:50p
SSL 270

This course explores urban divisions and conflicts in international cities where nationalistic ethnic differences are deep seated and can facilitate violence. Whereas in most cities there is a belief maintained by different groups that the existing system of governance is capable of producing fair outcomes, assuming adequate political participation and representation of minority interests, governance amidst severe and unresolved multicultural differences in polarized cities is viewed by at least one identifiable group in the city as artificial, imposed, or illegitimate.