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A Yemeni supporter of the Houthi movement carries a boy on his shoulders during a rally in Sana'a, Yemen. Copyright US News.


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Malala, Nobel Prize Winner

Women and Gender in the Middle East

The course focuses on women and gender in the Middle East from the pre-modern to the contemporary. Through a study of different kinds of sources, secondary and primary, the course seeks to understand women from different geographical and class backgrounds, within various historical contexts and political systems, and to discuss the most important issues related to women and gender in Middle Eastern history. This course, which will be conducted partly as a seminar, will proceed in chronological order but will also have a strong thematic approach. The focus of this course is on the majority of women, that is, Muslims, although non-Muslim women will be addressed.

(Time: MW 12:30-1:50; Location: HICF 100K), Houri Berbarian