UC Irvine Add and Drop Policies

Students may ADD or DROP a course through 5:00 p.m. on Friday of the second week of classes.

Add / Drop Policy

Please Note:
  • YOU – not faculty or staff – must initiate all adds/drops/changes to your class schedule, transcript, etc.
  • Do not expect to be automatically dropped from a class for failure to attend.
  • Be sure to check your Study List before the end of Week 2 to ensure it is correct.
The instructor of the class as well as the academic unit in which the course is offered may specify a different deadline. As deadlines can differ in each of your courses, read the course syllabus carefully and make sure you understand the policies outlined.

An exception to the above policies may only be requested for extenuating and documented circumstances outside the student's control.

Requests will NOT be considered if submitted for any of the following reasons:
  • The student did not know the deadlines, or did not understand the Add/Drop Policy
  • The course is not required to meet Major, School, or University requirements
  • The student did not meet the proper prerequisites for the course
  • The student is receiving a poor grade because of difficulties with the course material or is under a heavy course/work load
Note for Spring 2021:
If your reason for requesting to drop a course after the deadline is related to COVID-19 or remote learning, please specify with as much detail as possible in the “justification” section** the reason only one particular course is affected. If all of your courses are affected, you may want to consider withdrawing from the quarter and readmitting in a future quarter. Remember too, you might have the option to change the grading option to Pass/No Pass. The deadline to change the grading option has been extended to Friday, June 4 at 5pm (Friday of Week 10) – please see the General Catalogue and this page for additional details on what courses are eligible to be taken as P/NP. We also strongly encourage you to connect with an academic advisor about your options. Keep in mind, requests to drop after the deadline require approval from the school offering the course and the school of the student's major (if different).

**Please note the justification box has a character limit. To add additional details, please submit the enrollment exception request and then use the space provided to add a comment (with no character limit).

Remember: You are responsible for your official enrollment and ensuring you adhere to all university and financial aid policies. If you are requesting to drop a class that is required for your degree, make sure you have a plan for completing that class by the required deadline or by graduation; please take into account that some classes are only offered one time per year. If you have questions about how dropping a class could affect your graduation, please connect with an academic advisor.  If you have questions about how dropping a class could affect your financial aid, please contact the Financial Aid office.

How to ADD or DROP a Humanities Class
Week Procedure Notes
Weeks 1-2 Use WebReg to add or drop courses. Courses listed on the Schedule of Classes with a B or X restriction require an authorization code from the instructor
Weeks 3-10 The Add/Drop Deadline has PASSED. Any exceptions require dean's approval to add or drop. Submit request in Student Access > Applications > Enrollment Exceptions.  Add/Drop requests are NOT guaranteed to be approved.

If permitted to drop a class after the 6th week, a W will be recorded on your transcript.

There is a $3 fee for all transactions made after the 2nd week of classes. (Fee will be waived in Spring 2021.)

No Enrollment Exception Requests may be submitted after Week 10.