M.A. in Philosophy, Political Science and Economics (PPE)


PPE aims at providing students with a broad yet thorough education in the three constitutive fields. Philosophy. The program’s objective is to train individuals to critically evaluate individual and collective decision-making and public policy.  Philosophy equips students with tools to reason rigorously and facilitates ethical reflection. Economics provides tools for evaluating individual and collective decision-making. And Political Science provides an understanding of the real contexts in which ethical and economic principles must be applied. Thus the three disciplines inherent in PPE are mutually supportive and a background in each is necessary for an individual to gain a robust understanding of social phenomena. 

The 4+1 M.A. in PPE may be of considerable interest to students interested in obtaining additional education focused on ethics, logic, decision-making, and public policy. This is also excellent preparation for students considering law school. A full description of the program, with relevant application information, can be found at the LPS Department Graduate Program  webpage.