Ethics, Legal and Political Philosophy, Social and Value theories

Marcello O. Fiocco: meta-ethics.
Margaret Gilbert: philosophy of social phenomena, ethics, social and political philosophy, philosophy of law, action theory, theory of rational choice.
Sean Greenberg: moral philosophy, especially free-will and virtue ethics.
Jeff Helmreich: ethics, legal philosophy, moral philosophy, philosophy of torts and evidence.
Aaron James: ethics - foundations and moral theory, especially constructivism - political philosophy, especially fairness in the global economy. The relevance for practical reasons of skills, embodiment, attunement, and practical knowledge.
Karl Schafer: practical reasons, Kantian meta-ethics, constructivism, moral and aesthetic disagreement.

And from our sister Department, Logic and Philosophy of Science

Jeff Barrett : game and decision theory
Simon Huttegger: game and decision theory.
Cailin O'Connor: game and decision theory.
Brian Skyrms: game and decision theory.
P. Kyle Stanford: meta-ethics.