Core Faculty

Ermanno Bencivenga
Professor of Philosophy and the Humanities
Interests: Logic, Ethics, Political Philosophy
Published Books
Sven Bernecker
Professor of Philosophy
Interests: Epistemology, Philosophy of Mind, Metaphysics, Kant and German Idealism
Published Books
Anna Boncompagni
Assistant Professor
Interests: Social Epistemology, Wittgenstein, American Pragmatism
Annalisa Coliva
Chancellor's Professor / Department Chair
Interests: Epistemology, Philosophy of Mind and Language, History of Analytic Philosophy
Published Books
M. Oreste Fiocco
Associate Professor of Philosophy / Director of Undergraduate Programs
Interests: Metaphysics, Epistemology, Philosophy of Language, Meta-Ethics
Margaret Gilbert
Distinguished Professor
Co-Colloquium Coordinator/ Director, Melden Lecture Series
Interests: Philosophy of Social Phenomena, Social and Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Law, Action Theory, Collective Epistemology
Published Books
Sean Greenberg
Associate Professor / Scientia Workshop Coordinator
Interests: Early Modern Philosophy, Moral Psychology
Jeffrey Helmreich
Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Law/ Co-Colloquium Coordinator
Interests: Ethics, Action Theory, Jurisprudence
Aaron James
Professor of Philosophy
Interests: Ethics (foundations and moral theory), Political Philosophy
Published Books
Casey Perin
Associate Professor of Philosophy
Interests: Ancient Philosophy, Philosophy of Action, Moral Psychology, 17th and 18th Century Philosophy
Published Books
Duncan Pritchard
Distinguished Professor of Philosophy / Director of Graduate Studies
Interests: Epistemology, Skepticism, Wittgenstein, Philosophy of Cognitive Science, Philosophy of Religion, Philosophy of Education, Philosophy of Law
Published Books
Karl Schafer
Professor of Philosophy / Placement Coordinator
Interests: Ethics, Epistemology, Hume, Kant
David W. Smith
Distinguished Professor of Philosophy
Interests: Phenomenology, Ontology, Intentionality, Husserl, philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Language
Published Books

Affiliated Faculty

Simone ChambersProfessor of Political
Jeremy HeisAssociate Professor of Logic and Philosophy of
Penelope MaddyProfessor of Logic and Philosophy of
Marco PanzaVisiting Professor - Pantheon-Sorbonne University and Chapman
Kenneth SimonsChancellor's Professor of
Brian SkyrmsDistinguished Professor, Logic and Philosophy of
Kyle StanfordProfessor of Logic and Philosophy of
Kai WehmeierProfessor of Logic and Philosophy of