Graduate Placement

Karl SchaferPlacement Director: Professor Karl Schafer

The UCI Philosophy Department is committed to actively supporting its graduate students in preparing for both the academic and non-academic job markets. At UCI the process of preparing for the job market begins well before students consider going on the market. In particular, through our Professional Development Seminar, students develop many of the skills required for success in the job market throughout their time in graduate school. Thus, by the time they reach the placement process proper, they are well placed to focus on tailoring their materials to meet the requirements of particular positions. In developing these materials, the Placement Director works closely with each student, while also drawing on resources outside the Philosophy Department, such as the Office of Engaged Instruction. If you have any questions about the details of this process, please contact the Placement Director.

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Kyle Banick
Mellon Faculty Fellow in the Humanities
University of California, Irvine
“Intensionality and Intentionality: Phenomenology, Logic, and Mind”
Joseph Dowd
Adjunct Faculty
Various Campuses
“The Many Forms Of Pluralism: Three Essays on the Medieval Unitarian/Pluralist Debate”


Matthew Dworkin
Mellon Faculty Fellow in the Humanities
University of California, Irvine
“Essays Toward an Understanding of Mind: phenomenal character, intentionality, and empathy”
Nathan Fulton
Artificial Intelligence Researcher
"The Minarchist’s Dilemma: How Status Preferences Undermine Libertarian Political Stability"
Maura Priest
Residential Fellow
University of Connecticut
“Intellectual Elites: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly”
Valentina Ricci
Mellon Faculty Fellow in the Humanities
University of California, Irvine
“Ontology and Ethics of Violence: A Theory”
Daniel Robert Siakel
Mellon Faculty Fellow in the Humanities
University of California, Irvine
"The Legacy of Humeanism: Unity of Mind, Temporal Awareness, and Personal Identity"
Amanda Trefethen
CSU Long Beach
“The Space Between: On The Emergence of an International Legal Practice Of Human Rights”


Louise Kleszyk
University of California Irvine and Chapman University
Prior: Humanities Research Associate
University of California Irvine
"Get Over Yourself: Universal Egoism in Western Ethics"
Mark Makin
Assistant Professor
Biola University
"Essential Explanation: A Non-Humean Account of Metaphysical Explanation"
Violet McKeon
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Practical Justice Initiative University of New South Wales
"Justice in the Global Commons: A Framework of Moral Duties for Common-Pool Resources"
Jonathan Shoemaker
Visiting Assistant Professor
Azusa Pacific University
"Socrates and the True Political Craft in the Gorgias"
Megan Zane
CSU San Bernardino


Ashley Dressel
Assistant Professor (tenure-track)
College of St. Scholastica
"Aquinas and Later Scholastics on Willfull Wrongdoing"
Forrest Fleming
Senior Software Engineer
Procore Technologies
"Truth, Belief, and Inquiry: A New Theory of Knowledge"
Daniel Pilchman
Visiting Assistant Professor
Chapman University
"A Practice Theory of International Law"
Philip J. Walsh
Post-Doctoral Teaching Fellow
Fordham University
"Subjectivity and Sociality: A phenomenological account of the genesis of sociality"
Mathew Yunker
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Pierce College District, Washington
Prior: Instructor
Mercer Education
"The Preconditional Value of Understanding"


Mark Bernier
Adjunct Professor
Azusa Pacific University
Prior: Research Associate
UC Irvine
"Find Hope in Kierkegaard: Examining The Role and Importance of Hope In Kiergaard’sThought”
Aaron Griffith
Assistant Professor (tenure-track)
College of William and Mary, Virginia
“Ways of Truthmaking: A Pluralist Theory of Truthmaking”
Casey Hall
Visiting Assistant Professor
Chapman University
Prior: Adjunct Professor
California State University, Fullerton
"Shame, Humiliation, and Punishment in the Liberal Society"
Peter Schombert
Prior: Research Associate
UC Irvine
"Ethical Implications of Sartre's Existentialism"


Christina Chuang
Assistant Professor of Philosophy (tenure-track)
Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore
"Francis Hutcheson's Moral Philosophy: As a System and Its Problems"
Jason Sheley
Adjunct Faculty
California State University, Fullerton
"Working Towards and Working From First Principles: Multi-Stage Interpretation of Aristotle's Dialectical Methods"


Mark Bullio
U.S History Teacher
Brookfield Academy, Wisconsin
Prior: Instructor
St. John's Northwestern Military Academy
"Discovering the Highest Good: Aspects of Spinoza's Ethical Theory"
Cara Gillis
Assistant Professor (tenure-track)
Pierce College
"On the Nature of Harm"
Gary Hartenburg
Director, The Honors College, Assistant Professor
Houston Baptist University, Texas
"A Somewhat Lengthy and Difficult Argument: The Metaphysics and Epistemology of Plato's Republic"
Chad Kidd
Assistant Professor (tenure-track)
The City College of New York, New York
Prior: Lecturer
Auburn University, Alabama
"Seeing Particulars"
Kristopher Rhodes
Prior: Director of Student Services and Associate Professor
Martin University, Indiana
"The Extended Mind and Personal Identity"
Richard Vulich
Adjunct Professor/Lecturer
California State University, Fullerton and Chapman University
Prior: Lecturer


Gerald Cantu
Adjunct Faculty
Bakersfield College (Delano Campus)
"Plato's Moral and Political Philosophy: Individual and Polis in 'The Republic'"
Christopher Lay
Assistant Professor (tenure-track)
Pierce College
Prior: Adjunct Faculty
Cal State Northridge, Pitzer College, and Chapman University
"Time to Account for Consciousness"
Melvin Sanchez
Adjunct Professor
Long Beach City College
"A Defense of Kant's Transcendental Idealism"
Peter Westmoreland
University of Florida, Florida
"The Double Relation: The Application of Rousseau's Ontology to His Social and Political Philosophy"