Graduate Placement

Karl SchaferPlacement Director: Professor Karl Schafer

The UCI Philosophy Department is committed to actively supporting its graduate students in preparing for both the academic and non-academic job markets. At UCI the process of preparing for the job market begins well before students consider going on the market. In particular, through our Professional Development Seminar, students develop many of the skills required for success in the job market throughout their time in graduate school. Thus, by the time they reach the placement process proper, they are well placed to focus on tailoring their materials to meet the requirements of particular positions. In developing these materials, the Placement Director works closely with each student, while also drawing on resources outside the Philosophy Department, such as the Office of Engaged Instruction. If you have any questions about the details of this process, please contact the Placement Director

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Kourosh Alizadeh

Aaron Briley

Dylan Popowicz

Adam Sanders


Christopher Bobier
Assistant Professor of Philosophy
St. Mary's University of Minnesota
Tenure Track 
Simona Capisani
Mellon Faculty Fellow in the Humanities
University of California, Irvine
Michael Duncan
Part-Time Faculty
CalPoly Pomona
Andrew Sucre


Kyle Banick
Chapman University & Cal State University, Long Beach 
Joseph Dowd
California State University, San Bernardino


Matthew Dworkin
Nathan Fulton
Systematic and clear thinking, along with methodologies for efficient and effective research, are valuable everywhere. Transitioning to a career outside education is mostly a matter of learning the associated jargon and a few tools, and being willing to accept an entry-level position with the confidence that you will advance rapidly. You will, due to the acuity and discipline you bring with you from a graduate education process. 
Maura Priest
Assistant Professor - Tenure Track
Arizona State University
Valentina Ricci
Daniel Robert Siakel
Lecturer, Humanities Core Course
University of California, Irvine
Teaching constitutes our primary contribution to society; don't neglect developing your teaching skills. 
Amanda Trefethen
CSU Long Beach


Louise Kleszyk
Chapman University
Prior: Humanities Research Associate
University of California Irvine

Mark Makin
Assistant Professor
Biola University
Violet McKeon
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Practical Justice Initiative University of New South Wales
Jonathan Shoemaker
Visiting Assistant Professor
Azusa Pacific University
Megan Zane
Visiting Assistant Professor
Azusa Pacific University


Ashley Dressel
Assistant Professor of Philosophy
College of St. Scholastica
I am currently Chair of the Philosophy Department at a small liberal arts college in a city I love. My graduate program prepared me for nearly ever aspect of this position. I was given ample opportunity to teach, which is my primary passion, and my professors (especially Bonnie) were extremely supportive of my work. They helped form me into a polished presenter and researcher capable of participating in the field at all levels, and enabled me to navigate a very challenging job market. I am a first gen student who came to graduate school directly from an undergrad program at a little known university. I am extremely proud of the success I have had so far and I owe a great deal of that to the training and support I received at UCI.

Forrest Fleming
Security Engineer
Daniel Pilchman
Visiting Assistant Professor
Chapman University
Philip Walsh
Post-Doctoral Teaching Fellow
Fordham University
Mathew Yunker
Western Governors University


Mark Bernier
Adjunct Professor
Azusa Pacific University
Prior: Research Associate
UC Irvine

Aaron Griffith
Assistant Professor
College of William and Mary
I am now in my third year at a tenure track job at William & Mary. I would advise Humanities PhD students to publish during grad school, go to as many conferences as you can, make as many connections as you can, and when on the market apply as widely as possible.
Casey Hall
Visiting Assistant Professor
Chapman University
Prior: Adjunct Professor
California State University, Fullerton
Peter Schombert
Prior: Research Associate
UC Irvine


Christina Chuang
Assistant Professor
Nanyang Technological University (Singapore)
I am fortunate enough to get a tenure track job right after I got my degree, but most people are not so lucky. I'd encourage current Humanities graduate students to look for alternative career while they're in school.
Jason Sheley
Adjunct Faculty
California State University, Fullerton


Mark Bullio
Dean of Students, Assistant Head
Brookfield Academy
Thanks, UCI! 
Cara Gillis
Assistant Professor (tenure-track)
Pierce College
Gary Hartenburg
Associate Professor; Honors College Director
Houston Baptist University
Chad Kidd
Assistant Professor (tenure-track)
The City College of New York, New York
Prior: Lecturer
Auburn University, Alabama

Kristopher Rhodes
Assistant Professor (tenure-track)
The City College of New York, New York
Prior: Director of Student Services and Associate Professor
Martin University, Indiana

Richard Vulich
Adjunct Professor/Lecturer
California State University, Fullerton and Chapman University
Prior: Lecturer


Gerald Cantu
Adjunct Faculty
Bakersfield College (Delano Campus)
Christopher Lay
Assistant Professor (tenure-track)
Pierce College
Prior: Adjunct Faculty
Cal State Northridge, Pitzer College, and Chapman University
Melvin Sanchez
Adjunct Professor
Long Beach City College
Peter Westmoreland
University of Florida, Florida


Miren Boehm
Associate Professor
University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
Jeffrey Ogle
Metropolitan State University of Denver
I am currently a full-time lecturer at Metropolitan State University of Denver. 


Dwight Kenneth Brown
Philosophy Dept. Chair
Cal Poly
A humanities degree from UCI made possible the rest of my academic career.
Charles Otwell
Orange Coast College
I am the Dept Chair for Humanities and Philosophy at Orange Coast College. My degree was highly valued by the department that hired me. My interests have always been broad, encompassing the arts and humanities. This allows me to bring a wide range of experience and knowledge to the classroom and to my writings. My time at UCI helped greatly in all of this!


Jason Ford
Associate Professor, Interim Associate Dean
University of Minnesota, Duluth
I am an Associate Professor in Philosophy. I have been Department Head for Philosophy, then Department Head for Geography and Philosophy. Now I am Interim Associate Dean for the College of Liberal Arts and Director of the Program in Cognitive Science.
Jeffrey McDonough
Harvard University
Noa Shein
Assistant Professor
Ben Gurion University of the Negev in Israel
June Hyoung-Soon Yang
Associate Professor
Grossmont College


Jeremy Anderson
Assistant Professor
DePauw University

Ian Duckles
Assistant Professor
Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Prior: Assistant Professor
Indiana University

John Wise
Adjunct Professor
Ashford University
Prior: Assistant Professor
American InterContinental University


Deborah Hawkins
Northeast New England Loan & Outreach Officer
Cooperative Fund of New England
My graduate work in philosophy introduced me to the as-yet-unrecognized contribution Kant makes to the full potential, as-yet-unrealized, of true liberalism; and of course contributed to the further development my analytic skills. To Humanities graduate students: follow your passion diligently.
Alejandro Santana
Assistant Professor
University of Portland
Timothy Schoettle
Associate Professor of Philosophy
Messiah College, Pennsylvania


Jan-Erik Jones
Professor of Philosophy
Southern Virginia University
My UCI PhD and the reputation of my committee have opened doors for me in philosophy. I am grateful for the excellent training I received and the support of the Graduate Division. My relationships with the faculty and fellow grad students continues to be a rewarding part of my professional life.
Paul Livingston
University of New Mexico
I teach philosophy at the University of New Mexico. 
Linda Palmer
Research Scientist
Carnegie Mellon University
Andrew Youpa
Associate Professor
Southern Illinois University


Mariana Anagnostopoulos
California State University Fresno

Michelle Grisat
California State University Fresno
Alice Sowaal
Assistant Professor
San Francisco State University
Jeff Yoshimi
Associate Professor
UC Merced


David Cunning
Associate Professor
University of Iowa
Yuji Kurihara
Tokyo Metropolitan University
Martin Young
El Camino College


Amy Lara
Assistant Professor
Kansas State University
Matthew Lawrence
Professor and Student Equity Coordinator
Long Beach City College


Kay Mathiesen
Senior Lecturer, School of Information
University of Arizona, Tucson
Joe Tougas
The Evergreen State College


Paul Green
Mount St. Mary's College, California
Larry Nolan
Associate Professor & Chair of Philosophy
California State University of Long Beach
Daniel Zelinski
Richard Bland College


William Harms
Bowling Green University, Ohio
Peter J. Lewis
Darthmouth College
Kurt Norlin
Adjunct Faculty
Claremont Graduate University
Edvard Pettersson
Research in Economics
L.A. Business Journal
David Shoemaker
Tulane University
I'm a full professor in the Philosophy Department & Murphy Institute at Tulane University, since 2009. I have been in academia since graduation from UCI in 1996. 


James Zaiss
Research Scientist
University of Texas at Austin
My emphases, within Philosophy, in Metaphysics and Philosophy of Language enabled me to do good work as an Ontologist in the field of Information Technology. My emphasis in the topic of Personal Identity is invaluable to my current work researching identity theft and privacy.