Please join us for Annual Global Epistemology lecture at the Center for Knowledge, Technology, and Society (KTS)


About the speaker:

Anand Jayprakash Vaidya is Professor of Philosophy at San Jose State University and occasional director of the Center for Comparative Philosophy. He works in epistemology and philosophy of mind. His main areas of research are the epistemology of modality (how we know what is possible) and the epistemology of perception (how we know what is actual). He uses a cross-cultural and multi-disciplinary approach to philosophy.



In this talk I lay out the research project of introducing, through cross-cultural epistemology, the classical Indian epistemological concept, found in Nyaya, of certification. I show how the certification vs. perceptual knowledge distinction advanced by Stephen Phillips is related to but distinct from Tyler Burge’s distinction between entitlement and justification. I then show how modern Naiyayikas, proponents of Nyaya, can use the distinction between internal and external contextualism about epistemic concepts in conjunction with their distinction between certification and perceptual knowledge to respond to the skeptic about knowledge who holds that certainty is a condition on knowledge in all contexts.