The KTS Center is behind two MOOCs, or Massive Open Online Courses, that have recently launched. These are devoted to the topics of 'Skepticism' and 'Relativism', and are freely available on the Coursera platform:The Skepticism MOOC is led by Professor Duncan Pritchard, and is twinned with his recent book published by Oxford University Press, Skepticism: A Very Short Introduction. The Relativism MOOC is led by Professor Annalisa Coliva, and is twinned with her recent co-authored book published by Routledge, Relativism

The creation of these two MOOCs was possible due to a $24,500 grant awarded to Professor Pritchard through the Provost Initiative on Understanding and Engaging with Extremism, as part of the UCI Confronting Extremism initiative. The driving thought behind the MOOCs is to challenge extremism in our society by targeting the dubious, and often implicit, intellectual basis that is offered for it. 

For a recent profile of the MOOCs project, click here. For a video of Professor Pritchard talking about the MOOCs, click here.