Elizabeth Allen
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Ph.D. University of Michigan, Associate Professor of English

Interests: Comparative Literature; Religious Studies (Chaucer, Gower, 15th century poetry; exemplary literature, romance, chronicle, episodic form; intersections between ethics and politics, politics and religion; hospitality, sovereignty, legal and constitutional history of England)


Jay Carter

J. Kameron Carter
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Professor of African American Studies
Interests: Black study of religion, Blackness, race, colonialism, political theology and ecology 


Carlo Cereti

Carlogiovanni Cereti
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Presidential Chair in Zoroastrian Studies and Professor of Religious Studies and Classics
Interests: Zoroastrianism, Iranian Studies, comparative religious studies; eechatology & apocalyptics; Indo-Iranian mythology; interplay between tangible and intangible cultural heritage; material culture



David H. Colmenares
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Ph.D. Columbia University, Assistant Professor, Comparative Literature

Interests: Colonial Mexico, Mesoamerican Studies, Visual Culture, Antiquarianism, Early Modern Iberia


Brianne Donaldson
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Ph.D. Claremont School of Theology, Shri Parshvanath Presidential Chair in Jain Studies and Associate Professor of Religious Studies

Interests: Jain studies, South Asian religions and philosophies, A.N. Whitehead's  Process philosophy of organism, critical animal studies, nonviolence theories, ecofeminism, multispecies ethics, and bioethics


John Gamber 
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Ph.D. UC Santa Barbara, Associate Professor,Comparative Literature

Interests: Environmental Humanities, Ethnic Studies, Settler Colonialism, Native American Studies


Julia R. Lupton
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Ph.D. Yale University, Associate Dean for Research and Professor of English

Interests: Comparative Literature; Education; Religious Studies (Renaissance literature, literature and psychology)



Cecelia M. Lynch
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Ph.D. Columbia University, Professor of Political Science

Interests: Religious Studies (international relations, religion and ethics; social movements and civil society actors; humanitarianism)



Sanjoy Mazumdar
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Ph.D. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Professor Emeritus of Urban Planning and Public Policy

Interests: Asian American Studies; Religious Studies