Date Time Program Title
TBA09:00 AMPhilosophyPOSTPONED: AI Moral Learning Conference
12/01/20TBAPhilosophyOresteia & Chill Podcast
04/16/2103:00 PMPhilosophyInaugural DECADE and Mentoring Women in Philosophy Lecture: Amie Thomasson (Dartmouth)
04/16/2108:00 AMPhilosophyMeaning of Life Lunch
04/19/2107:00 PMPhilosophyPhilosophy Club
04/21/2112:00 PMPhilosophyThe Writing Workshop
04/23/2109:00 AMPhilosophyWhitehead Reading Group 2021
04/28/2112:00 PMPhilosophyAICRE + Philosophy
05/07/2103:00 PMPhilosophyColloquium: Tyler Burge (UCLA)
05/14/2103:00 PMPhilosophy1st Annual KTS Center Global Epistemology Lecture: Chienkuo Mi (Soochow University)
05/21/2103:00 PMPhilosophyColloquium: Agnes Callard (Chicago)
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