About the Department

Welcome to the UCI History Department!  We believe the study of history is crucial to understanding the contemporary world.  We offer exciting undergraduate and graduate courses from antiquity to the present and from across the globe: Latin America, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Europe, the United States, and more. We have particular strengths in transnational and world history, and we offer classes in range of thematic fields: histories of gender and sexuality; science and medicine; global migrations, race, and diasporas; religion and environment.  Whether you are looking for a general education class or to specialize in history as undergraduate major or graduate degree, we’ve got courses for you.  

The Department includes approximately 35 faculty members who are also involved in many interdisciplinary programs at UCI, such as Medical Humanities, Global Middle East Studies, Early Cultures, Latin American Studies, African American Studies, Chicano-Latino Studies, Asian American Studies, European Studies, East Asian Languages, the Long US-China Institute, the Center for Armenian Studies, the Center for Jewish Studies, the Jordan Center for Persian Studies, and more.  Our faculty stress that the study of history is excellent preparation for multiple career options: teaching, law, public policy, science, business, journalism, and more. We offer extracurricular opportunities to support students in translating academic training to non-academic settings.

Undergraduate Students, first day
Undergraduate Students
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