Jan 19

Winter 2024

Photographing Care & Repair

How do we practice collective and self-care?

What are the connections between care and repair?

What are visual stories that show maintenance and healing on a personal, community, and/or societal level?

“How a Photographer Sees” 

Thursday, January 18, 5 pm - 6 pm, UCI Humanities Gateway 1030

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Mark Leong, the professional mentor of the “Photographing Care & Repair” project, will share insights about how he approaches photography. Leong (http://www.markleongphotography.com/about) is an award winning photojournalist whose photo essays have appeared in National Geographic, Smithsonian, and Time. 

Meet the mentor 

“Learned Territory: Photography Projects"

Friday, January 19, 11 am - 12 pm, UCI Humanities Gateway 1030

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Join us to learn about the international photography career of Mark Leong. As he explains, “I often use the phrase learned territory to describe how even knowing a place like China, where I have roots, doesn’t come naturally to me.”

Co-Sponsors: Humanities Center, Center for Liberation, Ant-Racism, and Belonging (C-LAB), Humanities Core, and the South Coast Chinese Cultural Center