About DHX

Digital Humanities broadly conceived is an expansive term that includes the academic study of new media, the history of computing, and the use of digital tools in humanities research and scholarly communications. The UCI Digital Humanities Exchange (DHX) explores formats for digital work that respond to local institutional culture, research strengths, regional opportunities, national trends, and resource realities. Approaching the digital culture of scholarly work with a sense of adventure, UCI DHX participants explore and implement new tools for collaboration, research and publication in the humanities, encouraging experimentation and creative play with digital, social media and computing tools. The Digital Humanities Exchange regards digital technology not as an end in itself, but as a means toward building depth, synergy, and visibility for UCI’s humanities research enterprises.

UC Irvine scholars have been pioneers in the use of computing in mapping, online databases, and Informatics as a field. The campus is home to Center for Computer Games and Virtual Worlds, the Evoke Lab and Studio (both projects within CalIT2), the Thesaurus Linguae Graecae, and a number of exciting digital humanities research ventures headed by individual UCI faculty and graduate students. The Digital Humanities Exchange (a renewed version of the earlier Digital Humanities Working Group)  fosters connections within the Humanities and with other researchers across the campus and promotes the development of digital tools and formats for the Humanities.

Participants in the Digital Humanities Exchange are invited to attend local and off-site workshops, practice skill-sharing, support each other’s research, and set the agenda for digital training opportunities at UCI. No experience necessary. We welcome curious investigators as well as experienced project leaders, and ask only that you come prepared to teach, learn, share, test, and talk.

For further information, contact dighum@uci.edu.