D. Pritchard Duncan Pritchard, Distinguished Professor of Philosophy
Deputy Director
Annalisa Coliva Annalisa Coliva, Chancellor's Fellow, Professor & Chair of Philosophy
UCI Advisory Board
Richard Arum Richard Arum, Professor of Sociology & Education; Dean of the School of Education
Miriam Bender Miriam Bender, Associate Professor of Nursing; Director of Center for Nursing Philosophy
RIchard Dennin Michael Dennin, Professor of Physics & Astronomy; Dean of Division of Undergraduate Education; Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning
Brianne Dinaldson Brianne Donaldson, Shri Parshvanath Presidential Chair in Jain Studies
Julia Lupton Julia Lupton, Professor of English; Faculty Director, Illuminations: The Chancellor's Arts and Culture Initiative; Co-Director, UCI Shakespeare Center
Reinkensmeyer David Reinkensmeyer, Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Kenneth Simons Kenneth Simons, Chancellor's Professor of Law; Co-Director, Center for Legal Philosophy