Zak is working on his MFA in fiction writing. He has worked as an ESL teacher in South Korea and Chicago. Before coming to UCI he worked as a teacher at a drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility.

Courses Typically Taught:

  • Writing 50

Themes Typically Taught:

  • Fairytales

Course Descriptions:

  • This course will provide a basic understanding of rhetorical analysis and writing. Through the genre of fairy tales we will learn how to approach different texts and derive both what a writer is attempting to do and how the writer is attempting to do it. In this process we will discuss and analyze our own writing to strengthen and clarify our abilities as not only writers, but communicators.

Textbooks Needed:

  • Anteater's Guide to Writing, 9th ed. (available on Perusall)
  • The Classic Fairy Tales, ed. Maria Tatar (Norton Critical Edition)