WR45, Intensive Writing, satisfies both the Entry Level Writing Requirement and the first of two required courses that satisfy the Lower Division Writing Requirement (GEIa) at UC Irvine. It is an intensive 6-unit course that may not be taken pass/no pass. WR 45, like WR 50, focuses on key principles, concepts, and methods of rhetoric and genre, and teaches you how to perform textual analysis and write purposefully for academic and non-academic audiences.  The reading practices and writing process assignment you will use in this course will help you to succeed in your future courses, prepare you to engage in the university community and in your chosen discipline, and broaden your knowledge of information literacy and perspectives on contemporary culture and media.

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Assistant Course Directors for WR 45:

Required Textbooks

  • The Anteater’s Guide to Writing and Rhetoric, 7th edition (AGWR) (only available in bookstore)
  • Your instructor may also require you to buy other books (up to $50), but you’ll have to wait until the first day of classes to find out more.

Please note the first-day attendance rule.