Spanish Students


The Spanish department offers a unique on-campus language immersion program: La Casa Nuestra. You will live with other Spanish-speaking students in the Arroyo Vista complex. Supported by the Department of Spanish and Portuguese and Arroyo Vista Housing, La Casa Nuestra is not restricted to Spanish majors or minors but open to all undergraduate students with 2-3 years of high school Spanish or 1 year of college Spanish. Residents pledge to interact in Spanish only, so as to promote an effective learning environment. In-house cultural activities such as screenings of Spanish and Latin American cinema, musical events, and literary readings will bring opportunities to interact with faculty and graduate students.

La Casa Nuestra provides residents with a unique and exciting opportunity to practice and improve their Spanish on a daily basis and to explore many aspects of the vibrant cultures of the Spanish-speaking world.  To participate, simply select La Casa Nuestra as your theme preference during the housing application process.

La Casa Nuestra Flyer