As an instructor, I am primarily interested in helping students develop skills of close critical analysis and ideology critique. We do this with literary and philosophical texts in the classroom, but the intention is to hone these analytical skills in the practice of daily life. In other words, I am interested in intellectual rebellion.

I began my academic career at community college and transferred to UC Berkeley where I got my BA in English. I am in the English PhD program here at UCI where I study 20th Century Avant-Garde literature and media, with an emphasis in Critical Theory. Currently, I am exploring Aesthetics of Disgust.

Course Typically Taught: 

  • Writing 50

Theme Typically Taught:

  • Allegory and Ideology

Course Description:

  • We will consider the elements, the language, and the subversions of allegory, while grappling with the relationship between language, figuration, and “truth.” We will consider the way we conceive of and communicate "reality," the built in and illusive ideological assumptions to those conceptions of "reality," and the power structures that these assumptions establish.

Textbooks Needed:

  • One required novel. All other readings are provided through Canvas.