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Stroke Book – Entanglements of Time, Healthcare and Queerness

Keywords: Healthcare, LGBTQIA Studies, Self Care

Jonathan Alexander, author of Stroke Book: The Diary of a Blindspot engages in conversation with Dr. Sunita Puri, Palliative Medicine Physician, in this discussion about health and the role of time and queerness within it. Alexander experienced his health crisis in ways that cannot be disentangled from his experiences in this culture as a queer person, something that he explores with Puri. The two recognize that queer time has its own rhythms, fluctuations, and perversities and further engage in a dialogue about how the carework of medicine responds to those who refuse to engage in disentanglement, often queer individuals, and what that means for them. (June 30, 2022)

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Putin's Invasion of Ukraine in a Global Perspective: An Impromptu Discussion

Keywords: Current Events, Ukrainian War, International Relations

This discussion gathers scholars and journalists from various global backgrounds to analyze the ongoing war as it unfolds, offering their perspective on it. They explore similarities and differences between this war and others involving invasions, aiming to understand what can be learned by comparing Putin's actions with historical events. Additionally, the discussion delves into various international perspectives on the Ukrainian invasion, offering insights into how different regions of the world perceive this event. Organized by the Forum for the Academy and the Public (March 8, 2022)

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Knowledge and Disinformation

Keywords: Ethics, Technology, Current Events

Dr. Mona Simion, professor of Philosophy and director of the COGITO Epistemology Research Centre at University of Glasgow, discusses the nature of disinformation as ignorance-generating content, using a philosophical angle to approach the issue and its greater effects on the internet and society as a whole as well as suggesting ways to combat it in daily life. The talk was presented as the Center for Knowledge, Technology and Society's annual lecture. (June 30, 2023)

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Written by Tommy Cross, Fall 2023 English Intern, Humanities Center