John Comerci

John is a fiction MFA candidate at UC Irvine and an english MA candidate at Middlebury College. At Irvine, he teaches a composition class grounded in Case & Deaton's landmark 2015 paper on rising U.S. morbidity and mortality. His undergraduate coursework at Dartmouth College included research on the neuroscience of addiction and the ethics of paternalism, and much of his casework at L.E.K. Consulting, where he spent several years after college, involved surveying pharmaceutical supply chains. Before transmogrifying into an anteater, he worked as a semiconductor failure analyst and a server at a spaghetti western-themed restaurant.

Courses Typically Taught: 

  • Writing 60

Themes Typically Taught:

  • Deaths of Despair

Course Description:

  • This section considers the systemic failures that drive increasing morbidity and mortality in the world's richest nation.