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12/01/21HistoryProf. Vinayak Chaturvedi publishes new article "The Hindu Right and Attacks on Academic Freedom in the US" in The Nation
11/15/21HistoryProfessor Emeritus Timothy Tackett publishes new book The Glory and the Sorrow: A Parisian and His World in the Age of the French Revolution
11/15/21HistoryProf. Winston James publishes "Claude McKay's Bolshevization in London" in new edited collection The Red and the Black
11/15/21HistoryProf. Winston James publishes new article in the American Historical Review
11/12/21HistoryProf. Allison Perlman publishes "Telecasting an 'Effective Weapon for Peace': Intertel and Global Public Affairs Programming in the 1960s"
11/12/21HistoryProf. Jessica Millward publishes "Charity Folks, and the Ghosts of Slavery in Maryland" in The Civil War in Maryland Reconsidered
10/15/21HistoryProfessor Emeritus Spencer Olin reflects on UCI's history
09/13/21HistoryProfessor Touraj Daryaee elected to the European Academy of Sciences and Arts
08/23/21HistoryPhD Alum David Wight's new book "Oil Money: Middle East Petrodollars and the Transformation of US Empire, 1967-1988" reviewed by the Washing
08/23/21HistoryPhD Alum Juan Rubio appears on UCI podcast to discuss research uncovering the cause of the soil lead crisis in Santa Ana
07/14/21HistoryProf. Emily Baum's book, "The Invention of Madness: State, Society, and the Insane in Modern China," shortlisted for ICAS 2021 Book Prize
07/14/21HistoryProfessor Emerita Vicki Ruiz publishes new book, "Latina Lives, Latina Narratives: Influential Essays by Vicki L. Ruiz"
07/12/21HistoryPh.D student Bedros Torosian publishes "Ottoman Armenian Racialization in an American Space (1908-1914)" in Mashriq & Majar
07/09/21HistoryHistorian Jessica Millward named UCI Inclusive Excellence Term Chair
07/09/21HistoryHistorian Sharon Block named UCI Inclusive Excellence Professor
05/26/21HistoryProfessor Chelsea Schields co-edits new book, "The Routledge Companion to Sexuality and Colonialism"
05/26/21HistoryProfessor Mark LeVine hosts webinar "The Ocean Has Rhythm: Four Centuries of Musical Travels Across the Atlantic and the Circuit of Sound it
04/28/21HistoryProfessor Adria Imada Named 2021 Andrew Carnegie Fellow
04/22/21HistoryPh.D. Candidate Juan Rubio uses historical maps to trace Santa Ana's present-day lead crisis
04/20/21HistoryProf. Emily Baum named Professor of the Year
04/14/21HistoryProf. David Fedman's "Seeds of Control" wins AHA's Pacific Coast Branch Book Award
03/18/21HistoryProfessor Sharon Block publishes "Yes, Student Reviews of Classroom Teaching Have Value" in Inside Higher Ed
03/18/21HistoryProfessor Adria Imada publishes "Adapting to post-pandemic life will require remembering covid-19" in The Washington Post
03/16/21HistoryPh.D. Candidate Kat Cosby interviewed by ACLS about centering women in History
02/23/21History2021 Summer Session Schedule
01/27/21HistoryProfessor Emily Baum published new article in the journal Past and Present
01/22/21HistoryProfessor Houri Berberian receives the 2020 Dr. Sonia Aronian Book Prize for Excellence in Armenian Studies
01/07/21HistoryProfessor Mark Levine publishes "COVID-19, the university, and reimagining the common good" in Al Jazeera Opinion.
01/07/21HistoryProfessor Vinayak Chaturvedi's "The Pandemic: Perspectives on Asia" published as Open Access Book
01/07/21HistoryProfessor Jeff Wasserstrom co-authored an Opinion piece in today's Los Angeles Times, on China's crackdown on dissidents.