HIST 193/194 Advanced Research Seminar

The UCI History Department's Advanced Research Seminar is a two-quarter research course for upper-division history students and others with a strong background in historical study who are interested in learning advanced research skills and completing a capstone research paper on a topic of their choice.

Application is open every fall quarter, and the courses are offered in the winter and spring quarter.

Eligibility: Upper-class History majors who have completed the upper-division writing requirement. Non-History Majors will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

*History majors are eligible for the Undergraduate Research Award (2 nominations) after completing the HIST 193/194 series.


Undergraduate History Conference

The Undergraduate History Conference is an annual showcase of undergraduate research on history. Students can present work they have done on their own or in a class through a variety of mediums: oral presentations, posters, videos, websites, and more! Any piece of research that concerns history and uses historical methods is welcome at our conference. Students from all majors are welcome to apply. History majors will also have the opportunity to receive the Outstanding Presentation Award (2 nominations). 

Application is open before the end of the winter quarter, and the conference is held in the spring quarter.

Apply for this year's conference here:



HIST 197 History Internship Program

The history internship program (History 197) offers students exposure to different kinds of public history. The program places students with a range of local partners. As interns, students obtain hands-on experience using historical research and writing skills in public workplaces, and they develop a better sense of how classroom learning can translate into a wide range of opportunities after graduation. 

The internship gives students an opportunity to work 10 hours/week for a partner - either on-campus or in the community. The class meets for one hour per week as a staff meeting. Interns share their experiences, collectively problem-solve, and we work on professional development skills: resumes, cover letters, how to get what you need out of a job, how to talk to your boss, etc.

Applications are open in the spring quarter, and the course is offered in the following fall quarter.

Eligibility: History majors have priority. Non-History Majors will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Application for Fall 2024 coming soon!


Please contact the Undergraduate Program Coordinator, Michelle Spivey, at or (949) 824-8248 if you have any questions.