I'm a third-year PhD student in English. My research interests include African American literature and global multi-ethnic literature of the 20th and 21st century. I earned my Master's in English at University of Illinois at Chicago and UCI, and am beginning my dissertation research in the PhD program. In our course, we'll be reading fairy tales as well as developing your reading, writing, and multimodal skills. We'll be focusing on the themes of genre and rhetoric, and discussing how to engage deeper with rhetorical situations, conventions, and discourse communities.

Courses Typically Taught:

  • Writing 50

Themes Typically Taught:

  • Fairy Tales/Critical Reading and Analytical Writing

Course Descriptions:

  • WR 50 is the first of UCI's two lower-level Composition courses intended to prepare you for college-level writing. In this section of WR 50, we will explore what fairy tales are, how they work, and why they are so durably meaningful across different cultures.

Textbooks Needed:

  • Anteater's Guide to Writing, 9th ed. (available on Perusall)
  • The Classic Fairy Tales, ed. Maria Tatar, Norton Critical Editions

Email: hbacchus@uci.edu