Graduate Students

Elaine Andres


Areas of Interest:

Vanessa Baker


Areas of Interest:

Simona Mila Capisani


Research Interests: Social and Political Philosophy, Ethics (Meta and Normative), Feminist Philosophy, Aesthetics

Luzilda Carrillo


Research Interests: accountability, economic and moral value, practices and discourse of inclusion, U.S.

Chris Chamberlin

Areas of Interest:

Erica Cheung

Research Interests: Erica's interdisciplinary research explores the intersections of food as a racialized and gendered text, identity formation, critical landscapes, and cyberspace. As such, her current research looks at the discursive construction of Asian American racialized and hypermasculine identities within the popular culinary industry and narratives about food, eating, and cooking. Her larger project is interested in analyzing the production and consumption of food as performative self-making within the “global city” of Los Angeles.

Elizabeth Clark

Areas of Interest:

Charlie Curtis

Areas of Interest:

Allison Dziuba

Areas of Interest:

Melissa Gang

Research Interests: Medical humanitarianism, gender and development, the U.S. military and the body politic.

Jennifer Gutierrez

Research Interests: Migration, Border Studies, Latin American Literature, Non-linear Dynamics and Self-Organization, Performance.

Ben Kruger-Robbins

Areas of Interest:

Stefanie Lira


Areas of Interest:

Ssu-Fang (Kiki) Liu

Areas of Interest:

Elizabeth Matthews

Areas of Interest:

Amanda Mixon


Areas of Interest:

Sara Newsome

Areas of Interest:

Angela Okune

Areas of Interest:

Amanda Petersen

Research Interests: Resistance to the U.S. legal system; abolition theory and practice; biased decision-making in the U.S. legal system; knowledge production in socio-legal and criminological scholarship; liberation theories

Jessica Pruett

Research Interests: Jessica’s research interests include queer theory, new media, affect theory, crip theory, trauma studies, lesbian fandom, gender and sexuality studies, and performance studies.

Anandi Rao

Areas of Interest:

Judith Rodriguez

Areas of Interest:

Jamie Rogers

Research Interests: Visual culture; radical politics; feminism; critical race theory; Latin American and Caribbean film and literature; theories of subjectivity and representation.

Mindy Tauberg

Areas of Interest:

Annie Wilkinson


Research Interests:  global sexualities, transnational social movements, religious fundamentalisms

Alexander Wolff


Alexander Wolff is a second year graduate student in the Anthropology department. He received his Bachelor's degree in Visual and Critical Studies from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Research Interests: issues of political participation, governance, citizenship, gender, and sexuality in South Korea. 

Nima Yolmo

Areas of Interest: