Alumni - Graduate Feminist Emphasis

Pedro Acuna

Research Interests: Early twentieth-century Latin America; masculinity, sexuality and eugenic discourses in Chile, Argentina and Uruguay; sports and physical culture in the Southern Cone; performativity, repertoires, representation, and embodiment.

Zahra Ahmed

Political Science, Spring 2010

Research Interests: Political psychology, specifically service learning and its implications for citizenship and democracy

Dissertation Title: "Service Learning in Policy and Practice: a Study of Service Learning across Three Universities."

Akhila Ananth

Research Interests: Juvenile dependency law and the foster care system, cultural constructions of family and children, court architecture and aesthetics, feminist ethnography, and critical legal geographies

Jeremiah Axelrod

History, Winter 2001

Dissertation Title: "Toward Autopia: Envisioning the Modern Metropolis in Jazz Age Southern California"

Tamara Beauchamp

Research Interests: Modernism, decadence, psychoanalysis, race and gender theory

Mariam Beevi

Comparative Literature, Spring 2006

Dissertation Title: "Surfin' Vietnam: Trauma, Historical Memory, and Cultural Politics in Twentieth Century Literature and Film."

Joe Bergeron

Political Science, Summer 2008

Research Interests: American politics, gay and lesbian politics, identity politics

Dissertation Title: "Social Movement Promotion of Public Policy During Challenging Times."

Joanna Bouldin

Visual Studies, Spring 2004

Dissertation Title: "The Animation and The Actual; Toward a Theory of Animation, Live-Action, and Everyday life."

Kimberly Bowen

English, Spring 2001

M.A. English, Spring 2001

Yvonne Braun

Social Science, Spring 2005

Dissertation Title: "Feminist Political Ecology in Practice: The Social Impacts of the Lesotho Highlands Water Project."

Lionel Cantu

Social Science, Summer 1999

Dissertation Title: "Border Crossing: Mexican Men andthe Sexuality of Migration."

Chuan Chen

Comparative Literature, Summer 2009

Research Interests: Transpacific postcoloniality, queer feminist studies, philosophy of Enlightenment, experimental and narrative fiction and cinema

Dissertation Title: "Luminous Screens: Between Figure and Time in the Cinematic Image."

Cindy I-Fen Cheng

History, Spring 2004

Dissertation Title: "Contesting Chinese/American Identities in the Age of Cold War Politics."

Valeria Chow

MA English, Spring 1998

Julie Cohen

History, Summer 2009

Dissertation Title: "Pedagogies for 'Productive Citizenship': The Cultural Politics of Child Welfare in Early Twentieth-Century Southern California."

Kelly Corwin

Research Interests: 17th Century British Drama and Politics

Margaux Cowden

Comparative Literature, Fall 2009

Dissertation Title: "Late Modernism & the Landscape of Perversity:Minor Utopianism 1930-1950."

Marnie Dobson

Social Science, Fall 2005

Dissertation Title: "Professionalizing Touch: Gender, Sexuality, the Law and Massage Work."

Lan Phuong Duong

Comparative Literature, Spring 2005

Dissertation Title: "Vietnam and the Diaspora: Gender, Nation and the Politics of Collaboration."

Sharareh Frouzesh

PhD in Comparative Literature, 2013

Research Interests: Modern Iranian literatures and cultural productions; transnational literatures and feminisms; political and legal theory; postcolonial literatures and theory; psychoanalysis and phenomenology; dialectics of resistance and modernisms.

Karen Gallagher

German, Fall 2007

Dissertation Title: "Marie Herzfeld (1855-1940) and European Modernism."

Heather Goldsworthy

Social Ecology, Spring 2010

Research Interests: Women and environment, human security, environmental degradation and social change

Dissertation Title: "Compassionate Capitalism: Institutionalization and Legitimacy in Microfinance."

Racquel Gonzales

Research Interests: histories of technology, surveillance studies, body politics and policing, game studies and culture, consumer culture and domesticity

Naomi Greysor

Dissertation Title: "Sentimental Subjects: Politics of Belonging and the Radical Rhetoric of Modern U.S. Social Reform."

Jane Griffin

Comparative Literature, Summer 2009

Research Interests: Post-dictatorship women's literature of Latin America's Southern Cone region and Spain, in particular the relationship between women's writings, women's political activism, and state transformations from dictatorships to democracies

Dissertation Title: "The labor of Literature: Gender and Literary Culture in Chile from Dictatorship to Democracy."

Michelle Grisat

Philosophy, Summer 2001

Dissertation Title: "On Feminist Agency, Identity, Subjectivity: A Critique of Judith Butler's Radical Democracy in a Performative Mode."

Tara Hardinge

Sociology, Summer 2009

Research Interests: Gender, family, media and sexuality

Dissertation Title: "Benefits to Health in Marriage and Cohabitation: A State Level Analysis"

Tamara Harvey

English, Spring 1998

Dissertation Title: "Modesty's Charge: The Body and Feminist Tactics in Early American Women's Discouse."

Carol Hayes

English, Summer 2000

Dissertation Title: "Mapping City Comedy: Topographies of London and the Anomalous Woman, 1599-1625."

Emma Heaney

Ph.D. in Comparative Literature

Research Interests: Anglophone and French Literary Modernism, Queer Theory, Feminist Studies

Dissertation Title: "The New Woman: Literary Modernism and the Trans Feminine Allegory."

Susan Hecht

History, Spring 2000

Dissertation Title: "Technology, Representation and the German Nation, 1900-1929."

Kathryn Henne

Ph.D.: Summer 2011, Criminology, Law and Society

Research Interests: anti-doping discourses, deviance, legal anthropology, physical cultural studies

Dissertation Title: "Imagined Playing Fields and Suspect Bodies: The Legalization and Medical History of Anti-Doping Regulation."

Jane Willy Hseu

English, Summer 2007

Dissertation Title: "Racialized English(es):On Asian/American and Latino/a Discourses of Language."

Linh Hua

English, Summer 2009

Dissertation Title: "Reading Love: Race amd the Political Economy of Affect."

Erin Huang

Comparative Literature, Summer 2012

Research Interests: Chinese cinemas and modern Chinese literatures, feminist film theory, sexuality and space, representations of city-body, subjectivity, urban theory, globalization, postmodern geography

Dissertation Title: Capital's Abjects: Chinese Cinemas, Urban Horror, and the Limits of Visibility.

Jason Huber

Research Interests: Contemporary art and media, gender and sexuality, feminist theory, ethics, relationality, affect and subjectivity, queer theory, postcolonial theory, critical race theory, taste and class, exhibitionary practices and reception, phenomenology and embodiment.

Cortney L. Hughes

Anthropology, Summer 2010

Dissertation Title: "Building Modern Morocco One Woman at a Time: Development, Islam, and Reproductive Practices."

Angelica Huizar

Spanish, Spring 2003

Dissertation Title: "The Performativity of Latin American Poetry"

Kim Icreverzi

Research Interests: Japanese body genre cinema, erotics, affect and the politics of

Wiebke Ipsen

History, Fall 2005

Dissertation Title: "Delicate Citizenship - Gender and Nationbuilding in Brazil, 1865-1891."

Lilly Irani

PhD in ICS, Spring 2013

Research Interests: Postcolonial studies of design and globalization; New media and labor politics

Alexander Jabbari


Research Interests: Persianate literary historiography of the late 19th and early 20th centuries (Persian and Urdu); nationalism, modernity, sexual aesthetics

Kyle Julien

History, Fall 2000

Dissertation Title: "Sounding the City: Jazz, African American Nightlife, and the Articulation of Race in 1940s Los Angeles."

Martha Kadue

Dissertation Title: "We are not an Immigrant Nation": race, Sexuality and Citizenship in the New Germany"

Yuka Kanno

Visual Studies, Spring 2010

Research Interests: Feminist film theory, queer studies, queer film criticism, theories of representation, visuality, and embodiment; queer/lesbian visual subjectivity in Japanese visual culture

Dissertation Title: "Queer Female Networks in Japan Visual Culture."

Karen Kendrick

Social Science, Fall 2004

Dissertation Title: "Health, Beauty and Femininity: An Institutional Ethnography of Cancer Services for Women."

Jennifer Kihnley

Criminology, Law and Society, Summer 1999

Dissertation Title: "Courting Contradiction: Gender, Law and the Women's Collegiate Basketball."

Laura Knighten

English, Fall 2009

Dissertation Title: "Ireland's Citizen-Children and the Politics of Family Dysfunction."

Ben Kruger-Robbins

Patricia Levin

Visual Studies, Spring 2001

Dissertation Title: "About Turns: Minimalism to Excess in the Films of Yvonne Rainer."

Jennifer Locke

English, Spring 2010

Dissertation Title: "Novel Possibilities: Constructing Women's Futures through Fiction, 1697-1799."

Katherine Mack

Comparative Literature, Spring 2008

Research Interests: Rhetoric and composition, theories of publics and public spheres, truth commissions and other transitional justice mechanisms.

Dissertation Title: "A Generative Failure: The Public Hearings of South Africa's Truth and Reconciliation Commission."

Kurt MacMillan

PhD in History, Winter 2013

Research Interests: Modern European and Latin American intellectual histories, science and embodiment, post-structural critiques of historical practice; the history of constitutional medicine and its relationship to racial discourse in Latin America

Jennifer Maldonado

MA East Asian Languages and Literatures, Winter 2006

Heather Martel

History, Winter 2001

Dissertation Title: "Contact: Christianizing the Soul, Disembodying Science, Americanizing the Flesh, 1498-1627."

Megan McCabe

Research Interests: transnational and transracial adoption, critical theory, and cultural criticism.

Connie McGuire

PhD in Anthropology

Dissertation Title: "Transnationalizing Gangs in the Americas: Advocacy, Expertise and Policymaking."

Anne Mocarski

MA German, Winter 1996

MA German, Winter 1996

Erin Moran

Research Interests: Migration, citizenship, gender, and sexuality; focus on relationship between immigration policy and refugee women's subjectivity in Ireland, particularly the impact of the 27th Amendment to the Constitution of Ireland

Chrisy Moutsatsos

Social Science, Fall 2001

Dissertation Title: "Transnational Beauty Culture and Local Bodies: An Ethnographic Account of Consumption and Identity in Urban Greece."

Heather Murray

Visual Studies, Winter 2008

Dissertation Title: "Monstrous Play in Negative Spaces: The Cultural Production of Biometric Bodies."

Janet Neary

English, Spring 2009

Research Interests: African American literature and visual culture (particularly 19th-century), cultural studies, feminist theory

Dissertation Title: "Fugitive Testimony: Race, Representation, and the Slave Narrative Form."

Jamie Needleman


Natalie Newton

PhD in Anthropology, Fall 2012

Research Interests: Gender and sexuality, Vietnam, Vietnamese diaspora, transnational and post-colonial feminism, butch-femme, post-socialist societies, queer urban studies, queer theory

Stella Oh

English, Spring 2004

Dissertation Title: "Life Writing and Nation Formation: Contesting Legal and Visual Authority."

Randy Ontiveros

English, Spring 2006

Research Interests: Chicana/Chicano Studies; feminist theory; literary and cultural studies

Dissertation Title: "Culture, Ethnicity, Memory: the Making of the Chicano Movement."

Cynthia Maria Ovando-Knutson

Spanish, Spring 2008

Dissertation Title: "In Search of a Narrative of HIstory: Embodied Pain and Transformative Allegories in Four Latin American Novels of Dictatorship."

Seo Young Park

Ph.D.: Anthropology, Summer 2011

Dissertation Title: "Pace and Passion in Seoul's Dongdaemun Market, South Korea: Time in the 24-Hour City."

Amy Parsons

English, Spring 2007

Dissertation Title: "'And a Hundred Other Shadowy Things': Specters of the Transnational in Nineteenth-Century American Literature."

Justin Perez

Research Interests: queer studies, human and sexuality rights, identity, Latin America

Susan Pinette

French, Fall 1999

Dissertation Title: "Alternative Ethnographies: Genre and Cultural Encounter in Early Modern French Texts."

Teresa Pond

MFA Drama, Spring 2003

MFA Drama, Spring 2003

Dissertation Title: MFA Thesis Tltle: "A Working Girl's Guide to Bringing Feminist Theater to the Masses."

Vivian Price

Political Science, Summer 2000

Dissertation Title: "Hammering It Out: Community Pressure and Affirmative Action in US Highway Constrcution Projects."

Elizabeth Rayfield

Visual Studies, Summer 2004

Dissertation Title: "Her Apparent Admiration and the Intensity of her Gaze: Race, Class and Gender and the Stereocopic Viewing Experience."

Carrie Reiling

Research Interests: International relations, NGOs, United Nations, feminist security studies, West Africa

James Renteria

M.A Culture&Theory, Spring 2010

M.A Culture&Theory, Spring 2010

Stephanie Reyes-Bell

History, Spring 2001

Dissertation Title: "Gendered and Racialized Constructions of Alcoholism in the Postwar Era."

Valentina Ricci

Ph.D. University of California, Irvine

Research Interests: German idealism, Political philosophy, Feminist philosophy, Ethics, Bioethics

Kimberly Richman

Criminology, Law and Society, Spring 2003

Dissertation Title: "Judicial Narratives in Custody Cases Involving Gay and Lesbian Parents, 1952-1999: A Study of Indeterminacy and Meaning Making in Legal Rationales and Outcomes."

Sarah Ross

MFA Studio Art

Dissertation Title: "The Shape of a Neighbor(hood)."

Paula Ross

MFA Studio Art

Dissertation Title: "(Not) In Any Order."

Tracy Sachtjen

History, Fall 2009

Research Interests: Queer theory, feminist theory, nineteenth century cultural history

Dissertation Title: "American Ugly: Appearance and Aesthetics in Cultures of U.S. Nationalism, 1848-1915."

Melissa Sanchez

English, Summer 2002

Dissertation Title: "Monstrous Eros: A Reconsideration of Seventeenth- Century British Romance."

Lisa Sanchez

Criminology, Law and Society, Spring, 1998

Dissertation Title: "Sex, Violence, Citizenship, and Community: An Ethnography and Legal Geography of Commercial Sex in One American City."

Nichole Sanders

History, Summer 2003

Dissertation Title: "Gender, Welfare and the 'Mexican Miracle': The Politics of Modernization in Post Revolutionary Mexico, 1937-1958."

Jacqueline Scoones

English, Summer 2000

Dissertation Title: "Dwelling Poetically: Environmental Ethics in Contemporary Fiction."

Priya Shah

English, Fall 2008

Dissertation Title: "Consuming Empire: Desire in Colonial Britain and India, 1789-1872."

Elisabeth Sherratt

MA Visual Studies, Spring 2000

Jennifer Thompson

Comparative Literature, Spring 2000

Dissertation Title: "Realizing Rape."

Donna Tong

English, Spring 2009

Research Interests: Asian American literature, multi-ethnic literatures of the U.S., Caribbean literature

Dissertation Title: "English lessons: Racial Hegemony and Linguistic Hierarcies in Selected Asian American Texts."

Emily Troshynski

Ph.D.: Summer 2011, CRIM, LAW & SOCIETY

Dissertation Title: "Surveillance Technology and teh Transformation of Criminal Justice: Monitoring Sex Offenders with GPS Technology."

Charlene Tung

Social Ecology, Spring 1999

Dissertation Title: "The Social Reproductive Labor of Filipina Transmigration Workers in Southern California: Caring for Those Who Provide Elderly Care."

Pilar Valero-Costa

Spanish, Spring 2002

Dissertation Title: "La Mistica Sufi En Maria Zambrano."

Neha Vora

Anthropology, Summer 2008

Dissertation Title: "Participatory Exclusion: the Emirati State, Forms of Belonging, and Dubai's Indian Middle Class."

Ingrid Wilkerson

History, Fall 2009

Dissertation Title: "Strangers in Good Company: Immigrants in Elizabethan London."

Victoria Wilson

PhD in Political Science Spring 2013

Research Interests: Feminist theory, minority politics, race/ethnicity, particularly why race liberation orientated social movements both react to and reinscribe essentialized ideologies of gender

Kassia Wosick-Correa

Sociology, Fall 2007

Research Interests: Sexuality, gender, intimate relationships, nonmonogamies, inequality, race/ethnicity

Dissertation Title: "The New Fidelity: How Monogamous and Explicitly Nonmonogamous Relationships Negotiate Love, Commitment, and Sexual Intimacy."

Chiou Ling Yeh

History, Spring 2001

Dissertation Title: "Taking it to the Streets: Representations of Ethnicity and Gender in San Francisco's Chinese New Year Festivals, 1953-2001."

Megan Zane

Research Interests: Metaphysics, Philosophy of language, and gender studies

Sandrine Zerbib

Sociology, Winter 2006

Dissertation Title: "French Sexual Citizenship in the Context of the European Union: The Effects of PACS Domestic Partnership Law and Immigration Policies on Bi-National Gay Couples."