Emily Brauer Rogers is smiling at the camera.

I'm a lecturer that has taught at UCI since 2005. I focus on how we build narratives in variety of writing genres including research writing and video games. My teaching interests at UCI have focused on online teaching and gamification as part of UC Online Education. I have my Masters of Professional Writing from USC and am a playwright and screenwriter as well.

Courses Typically Taught:

  • Writing 40
  • Writing 45
  • Writing 50
  • Writing 60

Themes Typically Taught:

  • WR 40: How does Story Define Us?
  • WR 45/WR 50: Science Fiction
  • WR 60: Climate Change

Course Descriptions:

  • WR 40: One of the largest questions that philosophers and storytellers grapple with is how should we live? For this class, we’ll look at defining audiences and conversing with these groups about how they should choose to interact to their place in the universe. 
  • WR45/50: We'll use the science fiction genre to examine how authors convince audiences how they might choose to interact with their society. In some ways, science fiction asks us to imagine our purpose in life. 
  • WR 60: This class researchs social justice issues in relation to climate change.

Textbooks Needed:

  • WR 40: Story or Die
  • All other courses texts provided on Canvas

Email: ebrauer@uci.edu