Aysel earned her dual MA/MFA in English and Creative Writing from Chapman University. Her MA thesis researched pedagogy and TTRPG play in classroom settings and focuses on collaborative storytelling. She enjoys teaching students about metacognition and developing their research and writing through exploring their own experiences, and exploring how much genre has evolved over the years. She can often be found writing TTRPG campaigns, playing video games, or relaxing with her cats.

Courses Typically Taught:

  • Writing 50
  • Writing 60

Themes Typically Taught:

  • WR50: Paranormal as the Other/Horror as Humanity
  •  WR60: The Changing Face of Education

Textbooks Needed:

  • WR60: Reign of Error by Diana Ravitch
  • WR50 & 60: PDFs and online readings provided

Email: aatamded@uci.edu