Undergraduate Minor Requirements

Are you interested in becoming AH History minor or changing your major to Art History?

There are four groups of requirements that must be met to earn a baccalaureate degree from UCI, including requirements for the Art History Major or the Art History Minor.

The Department of Art History has established a formal program that requires students to meet annually in the fall with an one of our Art History faculty advisors to help ensure students understand the requirements for the major and the many resources available to them. Majors are encouraged to meet with an advisor periodically throughout the year as questions arise or guidance and/or support is needed.

Minors and prospective majors are encouraged to meet with one of our Art History faculty advisors and to learn more about the many resources available to students in the Department of Art History.

School, University and General Education Requirements:
School of Humanities Requirements
UC and UCI Requirements
General Education Requirements

Visit the School of Humanities Counseling Office for additional information. It's a good idea to familiarize youself with its Policies and Procedures which includes details about graduation, adding and dropping classes and more. For instance, did you know that graduation isn't automatic? You have to file an Application for Graduation online at least two quarters in advance of the quarter in which you expect/hope to graduate. The deadline to apply for Spring or Summer graduation is eighth week of Winter quarter.  If you miss the application deadline, you may not be able to reserve Commencement tickets for your guests and your name will not appear in the Commencement Program.

Forms you might need during your time at UCI include forms for taking classes outside of UCI for UCI credit, authorizing enrollment in a class for which you satisfied a prerequisite outside of the UCI-specified class, independent studies, study abroad and more.

Interested in changing your major to Art History?