Are you interested in adding the Art History or Archaeology minor?

  • Contact an academic counselor from the school of your major to have the minor added to your degree audit.
  • Please note: the 2020-21 Guide to the Minors will be available soon to assist you with your course planning. Please check back shortly.
  • If you are planning on graduating soon, have the minor added before you apply to graduate.
Note: You may overlap and maximum of two classes between your major and your minor. You may not overlap classes between two minors.

Additional Information and Resources:

Students interested in the Art History Major can find more information here.

The Department of Art History  requires students to meet annually in the fall with one of our Art History faculty advisors to help ensure students understand the requirements for the major and the many resources available to them. Minors are encouraged to meet with an advisor periodically throughout the year as questions arise or guidance and/or support is needed and to learn more about the many resources available to students in the Department of Art History.

Visit the School of Humanities Office of Undergraduate Study for more information about fulfilling minor requirements, petitioning minor courses, and course planning.