Las asignaturas secundarias de la UCI allanan el camino para futuros maestros bilingües
Las asignaturas secundarias de educación bilingüe de español/inglés preparan a los estudiantes para carreras en educación bilingüe
UCI establishes Ph.D. specialization in Persian/Iranian studies
University is destination for graduate-student scholars of ancient and modern Iran
UCI professor awarded fellowship from the University of Konstanz
Media scholar Peter Krapp to explore cybersecurity in gaming
Rewriting modern Jewish history
UCI historian authors biography of Baron Maurice de Hirsch
Researching Russia during war
UCI scholar talks challenges and opportunities in teaching Russian today
Putting the squeeze on Orange County
The literary journal 'Citric Acid' explores the dichotomy of OC life
UCI art history scholar receives Fulbright
Abigail Dardashti to finalize book on Afro-Brazilian art