Melissa working on her film

During Winter Quarter, FMS major Melissa Mondragon interned at Long Beach’s Public Access Digital Network (PADNET), receiving training in all aspects of studio and field production from lighting to audio. Melissa was given many post-production responsibilities, including data management, logging, transcribing, and converting files, editing various programming in Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro X. With a strong familiarity of cinema she gain from her time in FMS, Melissa was able to excel in her internship. With the knowledge she gained during her internship and through getting her degree, Melissa hopes to work in the film industry and create her own content.


1. How did you get this internship?

“I got the internship through the Film and Media Studies website. The website provides a list of numerous links to production companies that offer internship programs for students.”


2. What about your FMS education has helped you get the internship? Or what parts of your FMS education do you utilize while at your internship?

“My FMS education has taught me the history of cinema from different countries. Each country had its own unique method and techniques in the ways they would create their film. Learning about these techniques gave me the opportunity to practice them during my internship.”


3. Which professor or class has been influential?

“The FMS course 101C Contemporary Era was influential to me because it focused on the film movements from different countries and used cinema to create change and bring awareness. They didn’t follow Hollywood’s conventional methods, instead, they experimented with different forms and aesthetics.”


4. What do you hope to get out of this internship or what responsibilities do you have?

“I hope to get hands-on experience in production whether it’s video editing or camera work. These are my favorite aspects of filmmaking because the idea of making a story or an idea comes to life allows creative minds to band together and assert their talents. I look forward to working with different interns and the production team because this will give me the opportunity to experience working with a team that could help me with my career.”

Film and Media Studies