Ruby Boabe Choi

During the Winter Quarter, FMS Major Ruby Bobae Choi worked as a Content Operations intern at NBCUniversal Peacock. Ruby was able to utilize her skills and knowledge of film and media that she gained from UCI to help her shine in her interview for her internship. At Peacock, she has been able to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for working in the entertainment industry.

  1. What about your FMS education has helped you get the internship? Or what parts of your FMS education do you utilize while at your internship?
    1. My FMS education definitely contributed to my ability to get this internship! My courses instilled in me a deep appreciation for film and media, which definitely shined through in my interview. NBCUniversal Peacock, being an entertainment company, appreciates media and before all of my technical skills, it was important for me to pass the "vibe check". A deeper knowledge of film and media helped me show that I was interested in this field and also helped fuel my drive to look into opportunities at entertainment companies. Being able to have that rapport around media led to a smooth interview and transition into my team. 
  2. What has been the best experience about your internship?
    1. My internship overall has been so amazing that it's hard to pinpoint just one aspect of it that I enjoy. First, the people are amazing. At Peacock, everyone has been so supportive, easy to talk to, inspirational, and so cool. The company is incredibly diverse and I have met such amazing people along the way who I will definitely keep in touch with. Second, I loved being able to go into the NBCUniversal Los Angeles office, see all of the studios, and get into Universal Studios for free! Third is being able to see tangible results. When I do my work, I see it manifest into Peacock's streaming platform, and that in itself is super gratifying to see. 
  3. My advice for interns:
    1. The world of entertainment is huge and there is so much going on behind the scenes that are definitely a role for you. I previously didn't even know that my job of Content Operations existed before I saw my job, but after starting it, I enjoy what I do and have learned so much from it. When applying, explore your options, and put in all the applications you can into all of the roles that catch your eye. When you interview, put your best foot forward and show your personality and you'll be golden. Good luck! 
Film and Media Studies