All-Nighter 24 Hour Film Festival

Congratulations to all who participated in the Film and Media Studies’ All-Nighter 24 Hour Film Festival! Students undertook the monumental task of writing, producing, and editing a short film within a 24-hour time frame. With such a short window to make a movie, students’ creativity was on full display as they ran around campus filming into the early hours of the morning. 

To make sure the films were made during the 24-hour period, students had to include a secret prop and lines of dialogue. This year’s prop was a rubber chicken, which sat (or squeaked) center stage in every film. Each team used the prop in unique and interesting ways: as a vehicle for self-reflection, a haunting comfort toy, or as a mafia boss (just to name a few). 

Congratulations again to the following students for taking part in our All-Nighter 24 Hour Film Festival:

Hunt for the Wilderpetrs - Louisa Carrillo, Shannon Ang, Georgia McDow, Jackie Gomez, and Diana Juarez Sayune 

The Perfect Model - Xinyu Zhang (Ivy), Raisa Munir, Nayoon Kim, and Matthew Stark

Fowl Play - Jonathan Chavez Rodriguez, Mackenzie Ostrowski, Blanchard Rollins Benson, Adarsh Tummala, Joseph Malleis-Sternberg, and Logan Burton

Of Sound Mind - Kaylani Riley, Shaylah Davis, Lesley Cuautle, and Giselle Tafoys

A Plushie Story - Alex Huang, Christian Lee, Fereshteh Roshan

Study Square - Tariq Edwards, Whitney-Jocelyn Kouaho

Pollo Padrino - Andres Alejo-Rivera , Arthur Elman, Aiden McKeon, Maya Glorioso, Marc Cardenas, Francisco Taboada 

Click here to watch a short behind-the-scenes featurette!



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