Congratulations on your offer of admission!  All admitted students must complete the following steps prior to starting in the Fall Quarter.

  1. Complete the online Statement of Intent to Register (SIR)
    The link to do so will be included in your “Congratulations to UCI” email sent to you by UCI Graduate Division. This needs to be completed no later than April 15.
  2. Complete Statement of Legal Residence (SLR) 
  3. This is used to determine residency status in order to calculate your tuition and fees.
  4. Activate your UCI Net ID
  5. Apply for On-Campus Housing 
    Deadline to apply for guaranteed housing is May 1. Failure to apply prior to the deadline will result in your loss of your guarantee and your placement on the waitlist for your entry academic year.
    If you or a family member require ADA accommodation for housing, including service and comfort animals, complete the online registration form and submit applicable medical documentation. For questions regarding this process, contact Disability Services Center at 949-824-7494.
  6. Complete and submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) (Domestic Students Only)
    This must be done in order for Ph.D. students to receive their first fellowships.
  7. Complete visa paperwork (International Students Only)
    The Humanities Office of Graduate Study will coordinate all visa paperwork beginning the first full week of May. All correspondents will be sent to students' UCI email accounts.
  8. Obtain your UCI Student ID Card
    Visit the UCI Bookstore “The Hill” to complete the process.
  9. Enroll in courses and pay fees by September 15
    All students must enroll in a total of 12 units for full-time status. Fees will be paid on behalf of the student for those who are on fellowship. Students must enroll by the deadline in order for their account to be credited/paid by the fellowship. Failure to do so will result in late fees. Your fellowship will not covered any incurred fees.