The Program in Global Languages & Communication offers courses to help transfer students become confident in their English.  

Courses for Transfer Students

Academic English 139W: Advanced Academic Writing Across the Curriculum

Ac Eng 139W: Advanced Academic Writing is an upper-division writing course. All UCI students need to take at least one upper-division writing course to complete their degree requirements. Students can take an upper-division writing course in their respective majors (e.g., an English major might take English 101W) or, depending on their major's degree requirements, take an upper-division writing course outside their major.

Frequently Asked Questions:
  • Who can enroll in Ac Eng 139W?

    Ac Eng 139W is designed for multilingual students whose first/dominant language is not English and who are not required to take their upper-division writing course in their respective major.

    *Please note: to enroll in Ac Eng 139W, you must have successfully completed your lower-division writing course requirement.
  • Can I enroll in Ac Eng 139W even if my first/dominant language is English?

    Some students, even if their first/dominant language is English, may benefit from taking Ac Eng 139W as they will have the opportunity to not only learn about advanced academic writing skills that can be applied across the curriculum but have the opportunity to interact with and learn from other students enrolled in the class who represent a diverse range of cultural and linguistic backgrounds. However, each instructor teaches the course somewhat differently, so if your first/dominant language is English, please contact the course instructor and ask if the course is appropriate for you.





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