Please follow this table to determine what you need to do to either enroll in a 1A-level language class or begin with or continue to a course above the 1A level in Arabic, Hebrew, Persian or Vietnamese. Questions about placement? Please contact the Program at 949-824-6781 (9:00am-12:00pm noon), or email us at

If you are interested in taking ARABIC, PERSIAN, or VIETNAMESE language courses, please complete the Language Course Interest Form.
Students Action to be taken In order to
Seeking to enroll in 1A (i.e. you have no knowledge of, or background in the language, or are interested in starting a language course from the beginning level)... ...may visit WebReg... ...enroll directly in 1A.

(*No placement exam is required for 1A.)
Seeking to begin with a course above the 1A level (i.e. you have heritage background, have had previous instruction or coursework in the language)... ...must take the Language Placement Test through the UCI Academic Testing Center... ...receive language course placement and authorization to enroll in the appropriate course.

(*Re-takes of any Placement Test are not permitted.)
Currently enrolled in any 1A through 2B language course at UCI... ...must receive a “C” or better... ...enroll in the next course level in the series.