Concurrent Enrollment in English 11C and Writing 39C

For Spring 2019, the English Department is offering a combo-credit course that simultaneously fulfills the Second course (Writing 39C) of the Lower-Division Writing Requirement and GE-III or GE-IV from enrollment in English 11C “THE RHETORIC OF FREE SPEECH & EXPRESSION.” If you choose this combo-credit course, you will be guaranteed a seat in one of the Writing 39C sections listed below as long as there are seats available.

Course Description:
The First Amendment of the United States’ Constitution has long embodied utopian possibilities. To speak and express oneself freely, to assume an unrestrained press and media, to assemble peaceably to dissent and to advocate, all free from government control and coercion. These are among the Constitution’s most majestic guarantees. They release imaginative possibilities for what society and each person might choose to become. They enable autonomy, liberty, equality, and a vibrant public discourse that together form the foundation for democratic deliberation.

Recent controversies about freedom of the media and fake news and about public discourse corrupted by misinformation have called into question the authenticity of American democracy and the values articulated by the First Amendment. The major themes of this course—among them threatening rhetoric and hate speech, freedom of and access to reliable information on the Internet and across media, violence in video games and other media, and debates about obscenity—embody salient tensions in recent history. As we examine literary works that place before us utopian possibilities and dystopian warnings, we will study the contemporary history of the First Amendment. This synthesis of law and literature questions the authoritarian tendencies of governments and laws, whether free markets serve freedom and equality and individual autonomy, and whether freedom of speech and expression are absolute rights. Reading and writing assignments will draw from several types of sources: to include Supreme Court cases, novels, legislation, legal and historical thought, print journalism, film, contemporary art, advertisements, television shows, political cartoons, and online content

If you are interested in enrolling in English 11C and Writing 39C, please fill out the form from this link.

For more information regarding the European Studies 12 and Writing 39C Combo section (33367) please use the link below.

Please contact if you have any other questions in regards to the combo course.

Combo Course FAQ
Are there more reading/essays for the Concurrent (Combo) Courses?
You should expect to use the readings from English 11C in the Writing 39C course. You will have separate assignments for both classes that will enhance your experience in each of the classes. You should not expect to have “extra” assignments that are out of the ordinary for each course, because you are enrolled in both courses.

Do I have to enroll in a discussion?
(There is not a discussion for English 11C)
No, you do not have to enroll in a discussion.

Do I get credit for both classes?
Yes, you will get units for both courses (4 units for English 11C) and (4 units for Writing 39C). Writing 39C will fulfill the first course of the Lower-Division Writing Requirement and English 11C will fulfill GE-III or GE-IV.

Do I have to take the English 11C in order to enroll in the writing sections?
Yes, if you plan to enroll in any of the following Writing 39C sections 33344, 33350, or 33369 you must also enroll and attend English 11C or you will be dropped from the writing section.