Additional Graduate Programs

In addition to the Ph.D. Program in English (described here) we offer the following programs:

Emphasis In Critical Theory

Critical Theory at UCI is understood in the broad sense as the study of the shared assumptions, problems, and commitments of the various discourses in the humanities. An emphasis in Critical Theory is available for doctoral students in all departments within the School of Humanities. Students choosing to complete this emphasis do so in addition to the regular degree requirements for the Ph.D. degree in English. Drawing upon faculty from the Schools of Humanities and Social Sciences, the CTE also invites nationally and internationally recognized scholars to conduct seminars and mini-seminars. Visiting professors have included Slavoj Zizek, Giorgio Agamben, Judith Butler, David Lloyd, John Frow, N. Katherine Hayles, Iain Chambers, Page duBois, Barbara Johnson, Fredric Jameson, Elizabeth Grosz, Etienne Balibar and David Palumbo-Liu. More information can be found here.

Emphasis In Feminist Studies

The Department of Gender and Sexuality Studies offers an emphasis in Feminist Studies, which is available in conjunction with the Ph.D. in English, as well as the M.F.A. It emphasizes interdisciplinary, multicultural scholarship and includes course work in feminist theories, the cultural roles of women, women's socioeconomic condition, women's history, women's literature in a cross-cultural frame, women's images in fine arts and film, women of color, and lesbian and gay studies.

Emphasis in Asian American Studies

A Graduate Emphasis in Asian American Studies is offered in conjunction with the Departments of Anthropology, Art History, East Asian Language and Literature, English and Comparative Literature, Environmental Analysis and Design, History, Politics and Society, sPsychology and Social Behavior, Sociology, and Studio Art. Coursework for the Graduate Emphasis in Asian American Studies consists of four courses: two required and two elective. The required courses, Asian American Studies 200A (Theoretical and Methodological issues in Asian American Studies) and Asian American Studies 200B (Contemporary Issues in Asian American Studies). For more information, click here.

Emphasis in Visual Studies

The program in Visual Studies offers an emphasis in Visual Studies, which is available to Ph.D. and MFA students in all departments at UCI. Course work for the emphasis consists of four courses: Visual Studies 291 and 3 additional elective Visual Studies seminars. For more information, click here.

Graduate Study in Rhetoric and Composition

The Departments of English invites applicants interested in Rhetoric and Composition. For more information, click here.

Emphasis in Latin American Studies

The Graduate Emphasis in Latin American Studies is open to students from all fields and allows students to gain interdisciplinary knowledge about the study of Latin America and form scholarly relationships with a range of faculty and graduate students interested in Latin America from across the UCI campus. The emphasis requires one year-long foundation workshop on Latin American Studies and two graduate seminars dealing centrally with issues related to Latin America. For more information, click here.