YearArticle NameAuthor
2019Hegel’s racism for radicalsRei Terada
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2018Saturated Crime: Pope.L’s ReenactorRei Terada
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2017Translation Theory in a Comparative Literature DepartmentJane O. Newman
2016Mediating Amicably? The Birth of the Trauerspiel out of the Letter of WestphaliaJane O. Newman
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2015The ‘German’ Origin of the Birth of TheoryJane O. Newman
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2012Hegel’s BearingsRei Terada
2011Looking at the Stars ForeverRei Terada
2011Out of Place: Free Speech, Disruption, and Student ProtestRei Terada
2011The Frailty of the OnticRei Terada
2011The Life Process and Forgettable LivingRei Terada
2010The Open Access DebateEyal Amiran
2010The Rhetoric of Digital Utopia after Sade: Utopian Architecture and the Static Subject of Digital ArtEyal Amiran
2009Classics and Counterpublics in Nineteenth-Century Historically Black CollegesSusan C. Jarratt
2009Living a Ruined Life: De Quincey Beyond the WorstRei Terada
2008After the Critique of LyricRei Terada
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2006Revolution in AbstractionEyal Amiran
2006Transnational Identifications: Biliterate Writers in a First-Year Humanities CourseSusan C. Jarratt
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2004Phenomenality and Dissatisfaction in Coleridge’s NotebooksRei Terada
2004Queer at Last? Straight Intellectuals and the Desire for TransgressionAnnette Schlichter
2004The War of the End of the World or the end of ideologyAdriana Michèle Campos Johnson
2004Thinking for Oneself: Realism and Defiance in ArendtRei Terada
2003Critical Madness, Enunciative Excess: The Figure of the Madwoman in Postmodern Feminist TextsAnnette Schlichter
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2002Salman Rushdie - Postmodernism: The Key FiguresEyal Amiran
2002Sappho’s MemorySusan C. Jarratt
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2000Pathos (Allegories of Reading)Rei Terada
1999Contexts of the Aesthetic in Walter BenjaminAlexander Gelley
1999Imaginary Seductions: Derrida and Emotion TheoryRei Terada
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1998De Man and Mallarmé ‘Between the Two DeathsRei Terada
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1991Refereed Electronic Journals and the Future of Scholarly PublishingEyal Amiran