Graduate Scholarships

Classics graduate students are eligible for a number of awards:

  • The Graduate Teaching Award is awarded by the Humanities Associate Graduate Dean's Office to an outstanding Classics graduate student for his/her performance as teaching assistant.
  • The Graduate Essay Award is awarded by the Humanities Associate Graduate Dean's Office to a Classics graduate student for the best seminar paper written during the previous year.
  • Research and travel awards on a competitive basis are available through the Humanities Center.

A variety of University fellowships and teaching assistantships are available on a competitive basis to qualified students.

  • The Dean's fellowship is awarded to an outstanding first-year graduate student who has a minimum GPA of 3.75, a GRE verbal score in the top 95th percentile and is ranked by the faculty at the top of the list of applicants. The Fellowship covers full tuition and fees for the student's first year of study and a stipend. In addition, the receipients of the fellowship may receive a dissertation fellowship to allow them to devote full time on writing their dissertation.
  • Regents Fellowships are awarded to highly qualified first year graduate students. They carry a stipend in addition to tuition and fees.
  • The Thesaurus Linguae Graecae Fellowship is awarded to a qualified graduate student in Classics. It offers tuition and a stipend while providing an opportunity for "hands-on" training in Digital Humanities.