Classical Studies are a gateway to the humanities and the foundation of literature, culture, art, history, and ideas in the Western world and beyond. Classics at UCI offers a wide range of opportunities for contact with the cultures of classical antiquity in all their breadth and variety. Undergraduates can enroll in our popular Classical Mythology courses, which have introduced thousands of students to the gods and heroes of Greece and Rome. They can study Greek and Latin in the original, or read literature, history, and philosophy in translation. And they can take part in an active student-run classics club (Eta Sigma Phi). We offer first-year seminars with our senior professors, survey courses in Classical Civilization, and lecture courses in topics such as Homer, Virgil, tragedy, philosophy, history of art, women in antiquity, ancient slavery, and classical reception. Staffed by faculty with internationally recognized research profiles, our graduate course of study is among the more highly ranked PhD programs in the country. UCI Classics is the home of the Tri-Campus Graduate Program in Classics, which includes faculty from UC Riverside and UC San Diego. UCI is also the home of the Thesaurus Linguae Graecae (TLG), the first and largest digital humanities project in the world.