Visual Studies Allied Faculty

Christine Balance
Ph.D. New York University, Performance Studies, Associate Professor; Asian American Studies. (Filipino American studies, performance studies, popular music studies, Asian American cultural studies, queer/feminist theory, U.S. popular culture)
Published Books
Laura Kang
Ph.D. University of California, Santa Cruz, Associate Professor of Women’s Studies, Comparative Literature, and English (feminist epistemologies and theories, cultural studies, ethnic studies)
Published Books
Julia R. Lupton
Ph.D. Yale University, Director of the Jewish Studies Minor and Professor of English, Comparative Literature, and Education (Renaissance literature, literature and psychology)
Published Books
William Maurer
Ph.D. Stanford University, Associate Dean for Graduate Studies and Research, School of Social Sciences, Department Chair and Professor of Anthropology, and Professor of Law (anthropology of law, globalization, transnationalism, citizenship and
Jennifer Terry
Ph.D. University of California, Santa Cruz, Department Chair of Women's Studies and Associate Professor of Women's Studies and Comparative Literature (cultural studies, social theory; science and technology studies, historical formations of gender an
Published Books
Jonathan Wiener
Ph.D. Harvard University, Professor of History (recent American history, theory and history)
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