Visual Studies Affiliated Faculty

Geoffrey C. Bowker
Ph.D. University of Melbourne, Professor of Informatics; Anthropology; Visual Studies
Interests: Values in Design, Social Studies of Databases, Science and Technology Studies
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Edward Dimendberg
Ph.D. University of California, Santa Cruz; Professor of Humanities
Published Books
Kyung Hyun Kim
Ph.D. University of Southern California, Professor of Korean Culture; Asian American Studies; Film and Media Studies; Visual Studies
Published Books
Jared Sexton
Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley; Associate Professor of African American Studies; Visual Studies
Interests: Race and Sexuality, Policing and Imprisonment, Contemporary U.S. Cinema and Political culture, Multiracial Coalition, Critical Theory
Published Books
Michael Szalay
Ph.D. Johns Hopkins University, Department Chair and Professor of English; Film and Media Studies; Visual Studies
Published Books
Roxanne Varzi
Ph.D., Columbia University; Professor of Anthropology; Culture and Theory; Film and Media Studies; Religious Studies; Visual Studies
Interests: Iran, Media, War, Visual Anthropology, Film Studies, Ethnographic and Fiction Writing