Visual Studies Affiliated Faculty

Ackbar Abbas
M.Phil., University of Hong Kong; Professor of Comparative Literature and Film and Media Studies (Hong Kong culture and postcolonialism, visual culture, architecture and cinema, cultural theory, globalization)
Interests: Hong Kong Culture and Postcolonialism, Visual Culture, Architecture and Cinema, Cultural Theory, Globalization
Published Books
Geoffrey C. Bowker
Ph.D. University of Melbourne, Professor of Informatics; Anthropology; Visual Studies
Interests: Values in Design, Social Studies of Databases, Science and Technology Studies
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Edward Dimendberg
Ph.D., University of California, Santa Cruz; Professor of Humanities
Published Books
Kyung Hyun Kim
Ph.D., University of Southern California; Associate Professor of East Asian Languages and Literatures and of Film and Media Studies
Published Books
Beryl Schlossman
Doctorate University of Paris 7, Ph.D. Johns Hopkins University, Professor of Comparative Literature; European Languages and Studies; Film and Media Studies; Visual Studies
Interests: Modern Literature, Critical Theory, Film Studies, Psychoanalysis
Jared Sexton
Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley; Associate Professor of African American Studies
Interests: Race and Sexuality, Policing and Imprisonment, Contemporary U.S. Cinema and Political culture, Multiracial Coalition, Critical Theory
Published Books
Roxanne Varzi
Ph.D., Columbia University; Associate Professor of Anthropology and Film and Media Studies
Interests: Iran, Media, War, Visual Anthropology, Film Studies, Ethnographic and Fiction Writing