Date Time Program Title
06/13/1904:00 PMShakespeare CenterInside a New Swan Rehearsal
07/12/1908:30 AMShakespeare CenterBreakfast Tour of the New Swan Shakespeare Theater
07/24/1902:00 PMShakespeare CenterEducators Day at New Swan
07/28/1907:00 PMShakespeare CenterConfronting "The Merchant of Venice," with Rabbi Marcia Tilchin
08/09/1912:00 PMShakespeare CenterFirst Folio Friday with Julia Lupton
08/10/1904:00 PMShakespeare CenterShakespeare Weekend: Day I
08/11/1903:00 PMShakespeare CenterShakespeare Weekend: Day II
08/23/1911:00 AMShakespeare CenterFirst Folio Friday: With Andrea Mays
08/24/1901:00 PMShakespeare CenterShakespeare in Italy
10/29/1906:00 PMShakespeare CenterTh Merchant of Venice on Trial
01/24/2008:00 PMShakespeare CenterIf Music Be the Food of Love: Wisconsin Wind Orchestra plays dance music of the Renaissance
02/04/2006:00 PMShakespeare CenterTang Shu-Wing Theatre Studio presents Scenes from "Macbeth"
04/30/2003:00 PMShakespeare CenterShakespeare and Dance: An Afternoon Symposium
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