A headshot of Peter Krapp against a bluish gray background

UCI Professor of Film and Media Studies Peter Krapp has been awarded a senior fellowship at the Zukunftskolleg Institute of Advanced Studies at the University of Konstanz, one of the top universities in Germany. Krapp is an expert on secret communications and cybernetics; cultural memory and media history; and aesthetic communication.

The Zukunftskolleg (“collegium of the future”) provides fellows with opportunities to exchange ideas and information with colleagues from different disciplines and cultural backgrounds. In fall ’22, Krapp will give a public talk on museums of computing and the history and future of digital culture.

Together with colleagues from Konstanz and other European universities, Krapp will also organize a workshop on cybersecurity in online gaming that explores how massively multiplayer online games and virtual worlds may be potential havens for activities that require a national security response.

“While systematic exploration and exploitation of virtual worlds by intelligence and security branches of various governments has received some journalistic coverage, the salient issues of secrecy and surveillance in virtual worlds are rarely being addressed in academia,” Krapp said.

Film and Media Studies