We are delighted to announce that the Center for Critical Korean Studies at UCI was awarded a Foreign Language Area Studies Grant (FLAS) from the U.S. Department of Education. It is a four-year grant totaling just under $600k. This will allow us to grant 2 graduate fellowships per year for the next four years (including stipend, tuition, and fees) and 4 undergraduate scholarships. Because the agreement for the grant took some time to complete, we will be awarding fellowships and scholarships in year one of the grant (2022-2023) for the Spring and Winter quarters. Beginning next year (2023-2024), we will return to yearlong fellowships and scholarships for the remainder of the grant period. 

FLAS grants are a little complicated, so we are holding an information session on October 24, 2022 via Zoom. Students interested in applying for either this year (2022-2023) or next year (2023-2024) are encouraged to come. Please register by clicking here ( if you're interested in the information session.