Dear friends of the Center for Critical Korean Studies,

UCI’s Center for Critical Korean Studies (CCKS) has become internationally recognized as a leader in the field of Korean Studies. A primary strength of UCI’s CCKS is an expertise in Korean culture, from its historical roots to the present. On topics such as Korean art, modern history, literature, media, and film, UCI faculty are recognized international experts. CCKS examines the art, culture, and history of Korea along with the political, economic, and social relationships that have influenced the culture over time. We believe that an understanding of key theories and practices in Korean Studies is crucial to a broader appreciation of current globalization and its effects. We work to ensure that future generations of students and scholars are prepared to meet the challenges of the future. To this end, CCKS promotes Korean language learning, critical inquiry into Korea’s place in the Pacific Rim and throughout the world, and a deeper understanding of Korean history.

Joseph Jonghyun Jeon
Professor of English
Director of CCKS